Old Telephone Boxes Remaining in Ireland ## Update ##

### Update ### Our map of phoneboxes below is updated regularly. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. Please keep them coming, even if they are out of commission or in poor condition. 
As a regular reader will know, we at callcards.ie have a soft spot for the old style P&T Phonebox (or phonebooth, depending where you come from!). 
Over the past year, we've been putting together a map which identifies where these old type Phoneboxes still stand.
There are 2 types: concrete phone boxes and wooden phone boxes.
  • P&T inscription
  • Originally painted cream and green
  • then blue and white in the 80's during the breaking up of P&T to Telecom Eireann and An Post (see our blog article on this)
There is a joinery company now manufacturing copies of the old style phoneboxes in Dublin. Be on the lookout for fakes. From what we are aware, the map below shows genuine phoneboxes (unless specified).
If you know of anymore, we would love to hear!


View Old Irish Phoneboxes left in the world in a larger map


16/08/2021 - Added Phoneboxman (Paul Murphy) phonebox in Collins Avenue, Dublin. Submitted by phoneboxman.

11/11/2020 - Added Carnacon, Co. Mayo. Source: old Tweet spotted by Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin.
(Header image courtesy of Kenmare Chronicle FB)